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Lucky Cat

Fresh cards sent in from the good dudes at LovelyMPLS (who’ve got a real solid portfolio of design/screenprinted work). Two color print with ultra-bright day-glo pink and metallic silver on the good old 220lb Crane Lettra make for a very impressive and striking card, to say the least.

Check out that fine pattern work on the back- the envelope really got pushed with this one. A bunch of that line work is 1/4 point thick (literally as thick as a hair), tapering down, and on top of that the thing’s are reversed out!


Save The Date – Woodgrain Letterpress

We do a ton of custom wedding letterpress work with designers around the country. These were hot of the press today and designed by the groom-to-be, Nick Brue. We went all out on this card with the production details:

Brown Side: Clear Varnish for woodgrain print and custom silver/gold metallic for type.

White Side: Blind letterpress (no ink) for the pattern and custom match ink to brown stock

Then we glue the sheets together back to back in register. And yes, we love to print extremely tiny type.

Eight Hour Day – Solid Gold

One of the most positive design vibes in the Twin Cities comes from Eight Hour Day. This duo produces design with a bold and illustrative style. They just had a nice post over on Grain Edit too.

This invite they sent our studio for printing was a large A10 size card. We letterpress printed gold ink on cotton stock and even did a tone on tone gold envelope. Metallic ink on uncoated stock does not create a mirror-like sheen like foil stamping. It needs a heavy ink coverage to come out as shiny as possible. Many times we recommend a double bump on metallic inks to build up the sheen and opacity. A double coating of ink lets us hold on to the tiny detail and keep the prints crisp.