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Modern Graphic Type Wedding

This wedding invitation for Andy and Drew is certainly a unique format. It was designed by Drew Hodgson for his wedding in Palm Springs, CA. The bold colors and contemporary shapes make the design both modern and masculine. The invite is actually a folder enclosure that opens to reveal the invitation text on the flap. The folder opens further to Continue reading ‘Modern Graphic Type Wedding’

Strathmore Gold Award – Bennett Stationery

V2 Creative in Las Vegas designed this system for the Bennett Family Foundation. We just received the Strathmore Gold Award for our production of the system. Each stationery element is letterpress printed for the text and with a beautiful blind inkless impression for the logo initials. It utilizes one of the Strathmore sheets we really like for letterpress – 110lb Strathmore Cover Bristol. This sheet has a bit of tooth to the finish and takes a crisp impression. Plus there are matching text weights sheets. The business cards are scored an fold open to present the contact information. The warm gray flood of color was offset printed (inside of folder, back of letterhead and business cards and insides of envelopes). When we manage production of a business stationery system, usually any offset printing is sent out and completed first. This allows us to properly plan full size press sheets. For instance, this project was able to combine the letterhead and envelope on the same offset sheet. Then we take the sheets back in house and complete the letterpress and finishing. And as this system shows, we do have the capability to letterpress print full size folders with our stationery system production.

Bahamas Letterpress Wedding

This massive custom wedding system is exquisitely graphic. It was designed by the groom, Scott Peiffer. More of his design portfolio here. What is especially nice about this invitation set is the uniqueness of each card. Care was taken to bring together lots of different textures and graphics – beautifully combining, flourishes, coral patterns, florals, silhouettes, crests and even a bulldog. We letterpress printed all the cards on a sheet together in two color on Cordenons Canaletto Grana Grossa Bianco 111lb C . It is a 20% cotton blend stock with a textural finish. The A7 folder is sized to fit inside an A7 envelope. It is letterpress printed in a coral pattern with a tone on tone blue ink and then die cut. The folder stock is a bright color 100lb cover stock from French Paper‘s Poptone line. The Save the Date Envelope is also a matching stock color, printed tone on tone.

Woodgrain & Crest Letterpress Wedding

When we posted the Save The Date card by designer Nick Brue a couple months back, we were super excited to see what he had in mind for the design of the actual wedding invitation. Finally, here is his design that just recently left the pressroom:



This invitation set is housed within a mini custom die cut pocket folder which neatly organizes the various cards. The folder is printed with a tonal custom woodgrain pattern using a clear varnish ink on letterpress with heavy impression. A belly band is fitted to the exterior of the folder with a Continue reading ‘Woodgrain & Crest Letterpress Wedding’

Capsule Letterpress Folder Invite

This lecture invite folder was designed by our friends at Capsule and letterpress printed in our studio. We were especially excited by the topic. The Duet Lecture this year from Capsule and Winthrop & Weinstine is about designing and owning a cohesive sensory experience. They did a great job with the concept by incorporating the visuals (sight) with letterpress (touch) and an air freshener (smell). The uncohesive twist is that banana actually smells like bubble gum. (No, we don’t do air fresheners. They produced and inserted that one.) One of the things letterpress prints extremely well is type. The type intensive design here made for an exquisite overall texture. Utilizing the sensory aspects of design is something we particularly embrace in our own studio. The tactility of letterpress strengthens design in a way that sets it apart from other production methods. The sculptural impression is a signature of the process. Having material awareness and knowledge of production is critical to how we approach projects with our clients.

This project was printed 2/1 pms on a larger 13 x 18 press sheet, (We can print up to an 18 x24 sheet) then die cut and converted. We’d love to make letterpress part of your brand. If you need large format and longer runs of letterpress printing contact us for an estimate.