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American Society For Social Hygiene 1926

Our public service message for the weekend ahead – disease or childbirth may follow!

This poster came out of our Uncle Pete’s basement. Evidently he would not purchase his current house unless this poster was included. He finally took it down so we could have it in the studio. It was just too good not to share. Thanks Uncle Pete.

By the way, we do letterpress birth announcements.



A Holesome Baby Announcement

Ok, this is not letterpress. But it is another one of those crazy little production services we can do that adds some vintage style texture. This is called pinhole perforation. We’ve also heard it referred to as rathole perforation. It is different from standard perforation in that it not only cuts the sheet, it actually removes a paper dot like an old school sheet of postage stamps. It works best on thinner stocks, but can work on card stock as well. This card is digitally printed on a dry gum stock. (lick and stick paper with re-moist adhesive on the back)

Jeff at Holmberg Design is great at using layers of texture in his projects and really working the production details. He designed these for their new arrival. We wish them the very best.