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Black + Blotter Business Cards – Space150 v23

Space 150 changes their identity every 150 days. And with an identity process and look all their own, today marks the 23rd version of the Space 150 brand. This is a business card project we’ve managed the letterpress print production on for several versions now. Designed by Ned Wright at Space 150, this simple looking card still combines 4 production processes. Can you spot all four? Here they are:

250gsm Black Stonehenge sheet – FOIL STAMPED with gloss black foil.

22 pt White blotter  sheet – LETTERPRESS PRINTED with silver ink.

After printing, these sheets are DUPLEX pasted back to back for zero impression show through.

After trimming the cards to size, they are EDGE COLORED in black for a clean look on the edge.

We print these cards for around 70 people. For a large studio, value comes with quantity. It would be fiscally improbable for an individual to produce a design like this on a small run of cards. (If you have to ask, “How much?”…  )


Tough as nails.

Possibly the greatest channel on the net-web.


Ben’s out with the Rotavirus so entries might get a little weird until he returns, but we all wish him a speedy and smooth recovery. Godspeed sir.

Your Business Card Is Crap

We watched this last week and haven’t been able to stop pulling quotes from it.

American Society For Social Hygiene 1926

Our public service message for the weekend ahead – disease or childbirth may follow!

This poster came out of our Uncle Pete’s basement. Evidently he would not purchase his current house unless this poster was included. He finally took it down so we could have it in the studio. It was just too good not to share. Thanks Uncle Pete.

By the way, we do letterpress birth announcements.



Note To Self

I went to Des Moines to judge the ADAI design exhibition. It was a good time with many good people. I gave a presentation about Studio On Fire to the organization and then we hit the bar for an evening filled with beer and bacon and some guy drinking by himself that talked a lot about cocaine and Jesus.

After the judging of the show, they gave me a tee shirt gift. I’d like to remember in the future what not to do:

Dear Self,

Next time you go and judge an award show, do NOT come back wearing a tee shirt like this. Your wife does not think it is funny, it is not a good April Fools joke.

Sincerely, Your Self On The Couch


Minneapolis from our Rooftop

Our rooftop studio overlooks the Minneapolis skyline. Sometimes the sky looks inky.

Take it Easy

Alright, we’re outta here… and with that I leave you with this:

If you haven’t heard of Dick Proenneke before- prepare to have your mind blown by brutal gnarness.

Until next week, be safe and courteous to others.



1947 Was A Good Year

Smooth Sailing

If you hadn’t already heard, our Poster Offensive poster is up for sale in our online store. There were a few initial glitches within the process- but they’ve been fixed and it’s now nothing but smooth sailing. Also, if you live around Minneapolis we’ve got the option for pick up at our studio- just keep your eyes peeled for Stan’s booby traps.