Pivot Interiors Calendar

Using the format we designed for our Studio On Fire calendars, the marketing team over at Pivot Interiors designed this 2012 calendar in celebration of their expansion into southern California. Created as a tribute to California architecture, this was used as a gift for their clients and was a great way for them to showcase their ties to the architectural and design communities. The beautifully detailed illustrations required us to keep a critical eye on the registration while on press and we’re thrilled with how tight the prints came out.

The interior pages and outer wrap were printed  together on one press sheet using four inks on Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100C. The stand was printed with one ink on a custom duplexed paper made of Mohawk Via Vellum Bright Wht 100C and Mohawk Loop Vellum Thai Gold 100C before being diecut and hand assembled.

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  • I’m still stunned when I look at it on my desk how tight that registration is. On EVERY one. You guys rock! Thanks for the sweet write-up : ) Dreaming up the next project!

  • Wow. This piece looks amazing. I keep flicking through the photos in awe. I just wish this wasn’t a promo client piece, I would gladly buy one of these for my desk. Well done.