BEDROC Stationery

Perky Bros recently sent this gem of a stationery system our way. You may remember the gorgeous typographic and woodgrain wedding invitations we printed for Jeff a couple years back and we’re happy to share another one of his projects that’s fresh off the press.

This stationery system for BEDROC is a great example of how a designer can curate a combination of materials to support the overall design aesthetic of their project. The business cards are printed on Neenah Classic Crest Slate 80lb cover custom duplexed to Neenah Classic Crest Recycled Natural White 100lb cover. A subtle tonal letterpress varnish graces both sides of the card with an additional ink for the contact information. A zing of copper metallic on all 4 edges incorporates an element of elegance. Notecards are printed on Neenah Classic Crest Recycled 100 Natural White 80C, custom duplexed to make 160C, share the same ink colors and also show off that metallic edge. The letterhead, on Neenah Classic Crest Recycled Natural White 80lb text, and envelope, on Neenah Classic Crest Antique Gray 24W, round out the system using 2 inks that are common to the rest of the materials.


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  • Very Nice! I’m curious about the envelopes. Did you die-cut, print and have the envelopes assembled or did you print directly onto the front of the envelope?

  • These envelopes were printed as preconverted envelopes. We always open the flaps before printing.

    Converting envelopes after printing flat sheets only begins to make sense at a couple thousand quantity. Typically, envelope converters ask for a minimum of 1000 good sheets OVER the final delivery qty. Small run conversion can get expensive quickly.

  • Is this a marketing gimmick or did you actually print this for a company? I question the authenticity because the web address isn’t valid, Google searches return very little for a company named Bedroc and the company mailing address isn’t correct ? Very nice work, just questioning the authenticity.

  • Huh?

    Firstly, the web address IS valid, our link to the page above is live.

    Secondly, It would be prohibitively expensive to make an entire stationery system as a “gimmick.” Whether you print 1 or several hundred pieces, there is very little cost difference.

    All the letterpress work we feature on this site are most certainly real projects – printed in our studio.