French Paper Flight Ephemera




An essential reason French Paper Company stands out in a world of large paper conglomerates is their unique design affair. They’ve had a longstanding relationship with Charles Spencer Anderson Design here in Minneapolis that has fueled and produced arguably some of the most visual ephemera to promote paper in the last decade. And trust us, here at Studio On Fire we see A LOT of promotional materials from paper companies. We were excited to be a part of that legacy with the latest French Paper promotion – a paper “Air Kraft” designed by the crew at CSA Design.

We worked closely with CSA to finalize the production. The sheets are letterpress printed in two colors on French Speckletone Kraft 140lbC. These Air Kraft are actually flight worthy, but you have to be sure to follow the instructions and tape a dime into the nose of the plane for a good glide.

Speckletone Kraft is one of those papers great for designers who fall in love with chipboard, only to realize that actual raw chip does not have color specifications. (In a batch of chipboard stock you may get some gray sheets or some dark brown sheets, it just depends on what went into the pulper) We like to use it especially when matching envelopes are needed.



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  • i didn’t know it was possible, but i am pretty sure i love french even more now than before

  • Amazing! I would love to have one!

  • How do you buy one? My father always bought these for me when i was little. Love it. French you did it again.

  • I think the secret to getting the swag items is ordering paper items at – They always throw in stuff like this with the order.

    They also hand out them out at the various design conferences, I don’t think you can buy them, but now that you’ve asked…

  • A fellow ISU design student created his resume on a large piece of chip board that included instructions to cut and assemble a biplane on it. This was in the later half of the 80s. It landed him a job at Duffy, where I believe he still works today. Sort of curious…hmmmmm……

  • This is outright genius, I would love one of these little guys…
    this has to be one of the best swag items I have seen in the design world in a while! :)

  • Wow, this is beautiful. It combines childhood nostalgia and design. LOVE.

  • those ARE cool swag gifts! now i just want to know what to buy so i can get some :)

  • Wow what a great idea. They’re so cool! :)