SXSW Squarespace Skull Cards

This is a letterpress card designed by Jessica Raley at Bantam Design for Squarespace. They are busy handing them out at SXSW Music Festival in Austin this weekend.

And they took some time to print, seven passes through the press to be exact. Due to the card volume, we printed them on  larger 13 x 20 press sheet 15up. They are printed on two paper stocks. Side one on Wausau Royal Complements Eclipse Black, printed with black, varnish, dark silver, light silver. Side two is Mohawk Via Scarlet Red printed with varnish, black and light silver. To hide impression show through we pasted them together after printing, adding thickness and rigidity with another 100lb cover sheet in the middle. The final three ply paper thickness is 280lbC. We trimmed the sheets down and edge colored them in a metallic silver.

Also check out the striking Squarespace business cards we’ve posted about previously.

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  • These are awesome! Great design job.

  • Damn these are insane. Great work.

  • Truly beautiful design, and excellent execution. Bravo to all involved. I was curious though as to how you achieve the edge color? Could you provide any more detail on this process?

  • Edge coloring can be added to projects such as business cards, book edges, invitations or other items that have a thickness to the edge. We generally recommend a stock thickness of at least 130lb cover stock. Thicker stocks best utilize the effect. Any UNCOATED PMS color can be specified from standard colors, day glo, and metallics.

    We are happy to share any advice about press work. However, as to specifics about our edge coloring process, we keep the “how to” in house as a specialty and are guarded about details. We do this process for many other printers as well. We are happy to quote your project if you send us specifications.