Point Form Business Cards

We recently printed these business cards, designed by the fellows at Point Form, a Canadian design collective.

A little tricky production was in order with their design.  The paper we used  is a 100lb French Poptone Sweet Tooth custom pasted (duplexed) after printing to 100lb French Poptone Lemon Drop for a final 200lb Cover stock. Pasting sheets after printing can add a little cost, but with a two sided card it is the best production move because we don’t need to worry about impression show through from a heavy letterpress imprint. Note that there is no indentation from one side to the other.

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  • Nice. In my neck of the woods, I was told double-sided printing was “cost prohibitive”. Total BS. To add insult to injury, my psycho-therapist friend called this color “dirty karma”, but I LOVE it. So, keep bringin’ that shit on.

  • Thanks again for posting these up! You guys did a wicked job!

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