Letterpress Open House TONIGHT

Final reminder for our Love Machine Open House Party tonight. Hope to see you soon.

Leaving you with a beautiful thought about machines from Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin:

“Machines challenge certainty so well. They should not be able to move. But they do. They turn, and move, and never cease — there is always an engine going, somewhere — like generations of silver hearts they keep the faith of the world and stoke imagination in its continued and splendid rebellion.”    Quote from “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin ©1983

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  • Thanks for hosting this wonderful event tonight (especially the Surly). Seriously, I don’t think I have gotten so giddy in my life over giant iron machines. Your work is amazing, to say the least. I’ll be in contact in the future and hope to stop by the studio again to see what you’re up to. Cheers!

  • What wonderful work Studio on Fire is doing! Specialty printing is being reinvented, and Studio on Fire is showing the world what craft is all about, one project at a time. The typography poster just completed is awesome, but it is just another addition to a long list of great works. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • oh my gosh, i’m so jealous that your city has cool events like this!! i love my city but i’m dyyying to try/check out letterpress machines but there don’t seem to be any opportunities to do so :(

  • Letterpress always good.. Awesome work.. Very nice..