Iron and Ornament in New Orleans

My wife and I did our first visit to New Orleans on Friday the 13th this last month to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Stayed in a condo in the French Quarter that was on the haunted buildings tours. Weird how that stuff lines up, ehh? Despite that uncanniness, it was an excellent trip. New Orleans has such a rich texture and patina of ornament everywhere. The food was amazing. Three favorites you must check out if you visit are Eat, Elizabeth’s, and Willie Mae’s Scotch House.

The beautiful iron and flourishing ornament of the area had me transfixed with everything I passed. Here are some photos I took for graphic inspiration.

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  • so much eye candy here! thank you for sharing.

  • 1st: Congrats on your anniversary! 2nd: Great pix. NOLA is awesome with all their Spanish-French metal work. 3rd: Food is spectacular. I ate at Elizabeth’s the first time I visited too; I hope you had a good piano man while you were waiting for a seat since there’s always a line…:D