Burn and Crossbones Business Cards

These cards were designed by the Thorburn group here in Minneapolis. They are letterpress printed with a silver ink on both sides of a custom duplex black and white stock.

Custom pasting of a duplex of paper stock is a good way to make a project with look and feel unique. It’s very often the best way to get both the colors and stock thickness desired for a project. And lets face it – most of the stocks available from paper companies as pre-duplexed options are pretty fugly colors and/or texture combinations. This stock is Wausau Royal Complements Eclipse Black 100lb cover pasted to 100% cotton Neenah’s Crane Lettra Flo White 110lbC. For production, these two papers were pasted together, then letterpress printed.

As an end note, I worked at Thorburn several years before the jump to full time operations of Studio On Fire. Check out the Thorburn site here for some solid design work.

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  • There’s something beautiful about light grey with letterpress. It’s really hard to pull off the use of light grey when something isn’t embossed.

  • Love your work! So inspiring. I want to experiment with duplexing stocks. Can you tell me more about the “pasting” process? Are you brushing on glue and then pressing together? What kind of glue are you using (if you don’t mind saying)?

  • We send out to a commercial laminating company to do pasting of parent size sheet at full carton quantities.

    For short runs we:
    1. use a brayer to apply paste and burnish them together by hand.
    2. use a xyron machine
    3. But mostly we use our Potdevin glue machine and rotary press. See pictures of those here.

  • That is such a lovely design. The hard part i find with this is convincing customers to spend the extra money on the print finishing – it’s the thing that makes the difference between a good card and a beautiful one.