Mattson Birth Announcement

Ty Mattson really outdid himself on the design and illustration of these announcements for his son. Beautiful stuff. You can see his post on them here. Be sure and put an eyeball on his other portfolio work as well. This guy knows how to illustrate and take full advantage of simple overprinting – a rare and admirable skill in today’s print design.

The card itself is a large 7.25 inch square print, printed on one side only. We letterpressed these on Crane Lettra 220lb Flo White in bright red and light blue colors. The registration made us a little worried at first, but it did stay true despite the tight fitting and zero trapping.

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  • These are amazing—beautifully multi-layered and intricate! But if U don’t mind me asking: what is “overprinting”?

  • Overprinting is when colors overlap each other to create additional colors. In this case – red and light blue overprint to make a third sort of purple color. If you want to approximate what an overprint will look like and plan for it in your design, try using the multiple filter in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

  • This announcement card is stunning. I’ve only just found your blog a few weeks ago, I don’t even remember how! But what a joy it is to follow along. Your week is genius.

    I’m going to forward your blog to our pressman. He will surely appreciate your “new” press and your pressroom. He’s meticulous with his and will find an affinity to yours!

    Thanks for taking the time to post, I’ll be reading on the other side of your screen!

  • Those are so beautiful, your whole site makes me want to design something up and get it letterpressed.

  • This is beautiful and stunning, as others have mentioned. I absolutely LOVE letterpress and wish I had a client that would use it. Maybe I will just do it for kicks one day!!

    Do you offer printing for designers? Would love a reliable source for the future, as I plan to get more involved in invitations.

    Thanks so much!! Great work!

  • Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, we DO print for other designers. LOTS of other designers. Custom letterpress printing is our specialty. Just contact us for an estimate here.

  • When you did the overprinting did you start with lighter color first? And last, this is just beautiful work!

  • Wow, I’m absolutely blown away by this. I’m really glad this was letterpressed as well, all those little dots and details really make it worth it. Congrats Ty!

  • amazing print job! love all the intricate dots and that you were able to hold the tight fitting!!!