Space 150 v25 Business Cards

Space 150 is a Minneapolis based company that has made some waves in the creative community by reinventing its identity every 150 days. This version was designed by Evan Nagan. We’ve produced many previous Space 150 business card versions as well – see some of them here and here.

Like the previous versions we’ve printed, these business cards take some tricky production. They are printed three color offset on one side (flood of black, purple and blue) and 2 color letterpress printed on the reverse (blue and tonal white). They have a unique two color gradient treatment on their edges. The paper is Wausau Royal complements 100lb Bright White which is custom duplexed after offset printing to a final thickness of 200lb cover. For a great edge color effect we recommend a thickness of 160lb or greater. The thicker the better.

It’s a big task! Each identity version is cards for nearly 70 people…

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  • Wonderful. As usual for a Space hundred50 and Studio O. F. collab :-)

    Thx for sharing.

    maybe the back could be a bit more minimalistic… not so convinced by dots nd lines “galaxy map” style.

  • 70 people’s business cards, renewed every 150 days — that’s a great client! Congrats! Well done! I guess the gradient edging process is a well kept secret?

  • It’s not as hard to produce letterpress business cards for a big company as you might think. We are printing them 10-12 up on a press sheet. Usually 7 or 8 forms total. It’s coordinating all the process, not the letterpress printing that takes the most time. Keep in mind we have four different processes happening with this card. Offset printing, duplexing the stock to thickness, letterpress printing, then the edge color finishing. And yes, that remains our little mystery.

  • Love the edging! Seems like a very involved business card. :)


  • How much does a job like this cost for 1 individual not 70?

  • Easily over $1000 for even 1 version in minimum qty. Spot color offset printing, 2C letterpress, duplex stocks after print, innovative edge coloring – lots of processes add up quickly.

    If you have a live project, request an estimate here.

  • Interior architect