Multiple Colored Paper Business Cards

One of the best ways to get lots of color in a letterpress project is to print a colored paper. For these business cards Cricket Design Works in Madison, WI chose three colors for some extra vibrant variety in their design. The paper is all custom duplexed from French Paper Poptone colors. We love the color options and small quantity availability of this paper line. These cards are printed on Gumdrop Green, Wild Cherry and Blu Raspberry each pasted to Poptone Sweet Tooth White on the opposite site for a 200lb heavy weight. The cards were printed with a metallic silver ink first, then overprinted in black. The same artwork and ink colors were used for all three business cards on the press sheets. (Everyone received all three colors.) This made the project more budget friendly since all we had to do was change out paper stock while running the prints – no extra wash ups or ink color changes.

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  • Great job on the print. I really like the color choices with this paper and the silver & black inks would look great on them if the overall design weren’t so small. The band and logo should of been a little larger and a bad type (too thin) was chosen for the employee names. The name doesn’t stand out, it fades away. Also the green paper doesn’t fit with the rest. The green looks good next to the red alone, but while the red looks great with the blue the green doesn’t pair with the blue at all. Great idea though and a great way on getting variety while saving on printing

  • would like to get ivory stock, prefer linen, for gray ink. possible?