Luxury Bath Salt Labels – Rain Soaps

We designed and letterpress printed bath salt labels for Connecticut based Rain Soaps. This salt is hand harvested (by monks in France) and uniquely presented in its natural state in an apothecary-style sealed glass jar.

We ran the three labels together on a small press sheet. The paper is a crack and peel Strathmore Soft White label stock. It is printed in one color and kiss cut to final size. Ahh, I’m more relaxed just looking at them.

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  • That packaging is just gorgeous, (as is the soap packaging seen in pictures on their website), but here’s hoping the next step for that company is an investment in a beautiful website, because I bet what they have currently does not do their product justice. (Not to mention, e-commerce! I clicked over specifically to see how much a jar of that salt ran, only to be foiled by no online shopping opportunity.)

  • Nope, can’t defend the website. Amazing product just begging for a new online experience.

  • Those are really pretty looking labels I must say. A lot of time has gone in to them by the looks of it. Just have a quick question though, I was wondering if the printer you use for those labels would work for barcode label printing? I am starting up my own little business and just need a few pointers as I am looking in to doing both barcode labels and packaging labels.

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes, we can print barcodes. We’ve included barcodes on past print jobs for things like cd packaging. If the barcode needs variable data, then you’d need to imprint that portion of the job on a digital press after the letterpress printing.

  • those are very nice and professional looking labels,,,nice packaging as well,,,

  • It am so impress with the products. First, in the label,second the packaging was so nice and great and lastly and most important is the bath salt. It is very relaxing an refreshing. It was good to our body to feel calm and it feels good.:)

  • The packaging is gorgeous! I’m curious to know: what fonts did you use?