Blind (inkless) Letterpress Business Card

These cards, designed by Jacob Ward have a heavy blind (inkless) letterpress impression on one side and black ink on the other. A blind hit needs a substantial amount of impression since it is relying only on the change in paper surface without any ink color to define the graphic. The large type size really pops on this card. If you have a good monitor and click through the pics below, you can see that even on a 220lb cotton stock there can be small amount of impression show through on the reverse side.

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  • > small amount of impression show through

    How common is it to deal with the impression by printing each side on each own sheet and then laminating them together? It is obviously more expensive, but it should probably allow for less expensive stock to be used.

  • Hello. How do you laminate both the paper together? Manually by spray mount?

  • A lot of manpower and an industrial gluer. Behind the scenes pic here.

  • Hi,

    I like your cotton paper, embossed business cards. Would you please give me a quote for 500 business cards with the following design:

    Soft white, cotton paper, 300 gsm
    3/4 top card embossed with lace texture, clear
    1/4 bottom cards stamped with logo and company info in pantone 477 U

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Maja Maricic

  • Hi

    I love the double-sided design. Can you let me know which paper stock was used for it? You mention 220lb but what is it in gsm? I tried doing something similar on 600gsm but according to the printer this wasn’t enough to get a proper emboss impression.



  • How much does it cost to do the card above?

    I have something similar in mind on a color stock with the blind letterpress and reverse has one color print for text.

    Please advise asap

  • I would like a quote for four sets of 500 business cards. The front is a debossed (blind, as shown above) logo. The back has the information and prints in a PMS color. Each set has slightly different information on the back, but the front will be the same. I would need by 10/21/14.

    Many thanks,

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