Augmented Reality Drink Coaster

This seems like a good Friday post – drink coasters. And not just any drink coasters, augmented reality drink coasters designed by our friends at Atomic Playpen. These ephemera inspired coasters were sent out to Atomic clients in a metal case. There are four coasters inside, each with a different marker on the back side. The instructions direct you to their anniversary website where you hold up one of the markers to your webcam and enjoy the action. (If you don’t have a coaster from Atomic, you can still print a marker at the site and give it a try.)

We letterpress printed them on 60pt blotter board with very dense black ink coverage so the marker would work properly. The sheet was then die cut into the four coasters. So cheers, we’ll have another round and add it to our beer wall.

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  • Hi There,

    A project we’re working on this year involves printing coffee coasters to send to our clients employees internally. The coasters will have an augmented reality app to link to a video we’re creating. Basically all we want to know is roughly how much printing around 500 coffee coasters would be. Thy need to be high quality and look slick, not just like beer mats in a pub.

    If you could please come back to me that would be great,



  • What program did you use to design the content and image tag for these coasters?