Letterpress Poster Sesame Street Circa 1970’s


via Twin Ravens Press

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  • This is really cool ! I see this kind of work as – almost – lost knowledge. Not many graphic designers know how printing works nowadays. Sad and very true indeed, many will silply hit cmd+P and have no second thoughts on the process. Democratization of printing as made many lazy and unknowledgable.

    On the other hand, I admire that you, at beast pieces, are promoting vintage methods for very comtemporary applications.

    Much Luv,


  • Hey guys! Thanks for reposting the funny sesame street video we found! I thought it was pretty entertaining! You rock!

  • Oh my gosh! I totally just had a flashback and remember watching this as a kid…that’s so crazy. No wonder I love letterpress- it was ingrained in my head at an early age!

  • I got tears in my eyes. That’s so lovely. I really like the press shown there with those funny automatic grippers. Impressed greetings from Germany where we also grew up with “Sesamstrasse” // Sven

  • waw..this was really nice one:))old times..