Jeremy Gardner Stationery

This is a nifty little letterpress card and a7 envelope designed by Duel Purpose in Austin, Texas. It is printed in three colors, the overlapping bold graphics make unique areas of overprinting ink. The stock is 100% cotton 220lb Crane Lettra, with a matching Lettra envelope. Hand written correspondence on these are sure to any leave digital message in the lurch.

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  • Amazing! What great coverage! What press was this printed on?

  • This was a well designed piece for printing. The bold graphics without any tiny details meant we could run heavy ink density and not worry much about over inking – which makes for great ink coverage. We printed on a 10 x 15 Heidelberg Windmill, all three colors used the metal rider roller that locks in place above the two form rollers. That takes care of many ghosting issues.