Forward Blotter Business Cards

We made some new friends in London at a digital agency called Forward. They rebranded themselves recently and designed these cards that feel very undigital and textural, and that is what we do best. They are printed on Ahlstrom Blotter stock with custom duplexing to bring the thickness to about 50pt. This blotter board has an uneven pulp formation that gives the flood of ink a washed, almost denim feel on the soft paper stock. The cards are edge colored in a matching purple. And this was no small task, an office of over forty people is a lot of cards. We ran them 10 cards up on press five press forms.

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  • Really beautiful. Great job, guys. Do you have any leftovers ? :)

  • You’re natural teachers which is why i love new posts; I always learn something. Besides, it’s beautiful work. Now, where in the heck are you purchasing all this blotter stock?

  • We go through Anchor Paper for this stock. Ahlstrom is a company that makes industrial papers for filtering, lab applications, etc. The blotter stock is a pretty raw sheet. It is soft, but less refined and less costly than cotton fiber sheets.

  • dude…you guys are way too legit…i hate it.

  • Do you know what typeface the “forward” is in?

  • We hope you`re going to start printing more purple:)
    love the simplicity of the design and letterpress touch of course, we have added your inspiration worthy piece to our business cards gallery

  • All of us here at Forward are very pleased about the quality of the cards. They are beautiful and certainly made a good impression when we gave them out to people especially we are a digital agency. It took us twice to check the press proof via Fedex and many good advice received from Ben and Selina. We ordered nearly 10,000 cards and they were delivered on time in a tight deadline — thanks to the commitment of staff at SOF.

    @Julie FORWARD logotype is a specially constructed font. The text is set in Apex New from Village Font.