Bat Mitzvah Letterpress Invitation Star With Clips

It goes without saying, we like unique paper structures. This Bat Mitzvah invitation, designed here at Studio On Fire features two triangles with a hole punch that clips together making a six pointed star shape. The paper triangles unclip to open and reveal the invitation text. The paper is 110lb Crane Lettra Flo White 100% cotton, letterpress printed in hot pink and die cut into the two triangles. It was mailed in a large square Neenah Eames Furniture, Weave Finish, Pacific Blue envelope printed in one color on the flap.

Those little metal clips are something we get asked about a lot. They are called #2 Petite Fasteners, made by GEM Office Products here in the USA. They have a little point that pierces the paper and holds the sheets together. You can buy them wholesale here. ($7 per box of 100 clips, 10 box minimum) They come in two sizes – the #2 is the bigger one, the #0 is smaller. And no, we do not sell the clips. But if you are in need of some top notch Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitations we’d love to hear from you.

    • Your work is stunning and I am so inspired.So glad I stumbled upon your site. It was then so strange that a few days after discovering you – I happened to view a property that had an old printworks that was for sale in it’s back yard (Ashburton,Devon UK). This place is derelict but with all the old printing machines lying dormant – i’m sure one was a letterpress though I’m no printer together with blocks and lettering strewn everywhere. This place was incredible! Magical. My head is now full of print dreams..

    • Hello,

      Do you create custom invitations that we can order? We would like to replicate a custom invitation in the shape of a Star of David similar to the Bat Mitzvah Letterpress Invitation Star with Clips.

      Thank you,

      John Nemeth