Six Speed Biz Cards – Crushed AND Burned

Six Speed sent us this design for custom letterpress business cards. They are a specialized events marketing company here in Minneapolis. And what could be a better business card job really – crushing AND burning all on the same press sheet.

The cards were letterpress printed on 200lb Eclipse Black Wausau with silver ink, then the press sheet was laser cut. The laser cutting was used due to the complexity of the cutting die and the size of the print run. Laser cutting does a really nice job, especially on darker stocks were the edge burn is less evident. With lighter colored and white stocks, a mask is sometimes sometimes required to prevent burning marks on the face of the sheet.



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  • Excellent card, I love the paper. I was looking into buying this weight of Wausau eclipse black and couldn’t find a 200lb weight available anywhere. Its not even listed on Wausau’s website. Where did you guys find this glorious paper?

  • None of the paper companies are making stocks like this. That kind of paper thickness just won’t run through most of todays commercial presses. We make the 200lb by gluing two sheets of the 100lb stock together. It is an excellent black color and makes a nice thick, heavy sheet. We keep it on hand as our house stock for black business cards.

  • Awesome cards you guys! Do you do your own laser cutting in-house? I’ve been looking into having some items laser cut for a client and don’t have the equipment to do it myself. If you do it in house, I’d love to get a quote from you for my project. If you don’t, can you recommend someone who does? Thanks so much!

  • No laser cutting in house. We should be so lucky. These guys always do good work with us – Lasercut Plus