Museum Board Business Card, Yellow Edge

A strikingly simple business card designed by Blok Design out of  Mexico City. Sweet type. We letterpress printed on some heavy 4 ply cotton museum board. Edged colored in a delicious yellow. A modern and materially elegant card indeed.


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  • Ohh man – so good! This may be my new favorite business card.

  • This feels samey to me. Given the other articles featuring business cards and wedding invitations using almost the exact same materials there is nothing new here that particularly grabs my attention and so the overall effect is somewhat shrug inducing. My personal opinion is that it’s a mediocre take on what is rapidly becoming an over-used idea.

  • James – guess you are entitled to shrug your opinion around. However, take a look at 99% of business cards in anyones roledex and this one will stand out. And we haven’t posted any 4 ply museum board before. We like to show the variety of thick stocks that work for letterpress. And this stock is 80pts thick – particularly well suited for a nice edge coloring effect.

  • Studio On Fire, I love your passion! Please open a branch in London, England, puleeeze!

  • PS, regarding these lengthy business cards: will they fit in a standard-sized wallet?

    That’s my only quibble, and I have a right to quibble my opinion around ;-)

  • They are standard length. And I’ve got an opinion here – I’d never hand out business cards from a wallet. That is a sure fire way to make them look like a mess. Handle your name with care, don’t sit on them! Go get cheap digitally printed cards if you want them in your wallet. Use a card case, an Altoids tin or something for your letterpress cards.

  • Oh, man, Studio On Fire, you’re saying all the right things. Love, love, love your integrity and high standards.

  • Hi! Love your ideas and uniqueness of your stationery. How do you do your edge painting? How does the ink not leak to the inner part of the paper? Amazing! Keep up the good work.. keep inspiring!

  • These are probably my favorite cards I’ve seen in a while, I love the colored edges.

  • Where do you get museum board? I dont even know what museum board is to tell you the truth..

    Thanks :)

    the canadian girl who comments on your blogggg..


  • How the edge painting? As someone already asked, how does the ink not leak to the inner part of the paper? I’m trying to understand is that real to make this kind of stuff here in Russia or Finland )

  • oh i meant ‘how does the edge printing work?’

  • Hi,
    Great looking cards, I’m getting some 4ply cards made myself and was wondering if that card stock was “Rising Polar White”. That’s the brightest stock I have been able to find, and was wondering if there was any 4ply out there that is as bright as the lettra 600 gram fluorescent white.

    Thanks Michael

  • I also am interested in how the edge painting/coloring is done… please let us know!

  • We are happy to share any advice about press work. However, as to specifics about our edge coloring process, we keep the “how to” in house as a specialty and are guarded about details. We do this process for many other printers as well. We are happy to quote your project if you send us specifications.

  • Hi,

    Interested in 15 x 200 of these edged cards. Can you advise pricing and options? Thx