Degree Six – Garment Tags and Business Cards

We like our printing aprons, but sexy and sustainable clothing fits nicely with letterpress too. We were asked to designed and produced these new garment tags and business cards for new LA based label – Degree Six Clothing. And they are sexy indeed, but in an earthy conscious sort of way.

They create garments with consciously produced fabrics, so for our part we used a fully recycled material for the project.  Notable is the 100% recycled 80pt book board. Also, the cards are long and narrow – only half the size of a typical business card. We worked with the Hot Snot screen printing shop to put down our fluorescent green plant pattern on sheets of the book board. Since screen printing ink is opaque, we got a nice bright green color on the darker colored board. Then we letterpress printed metallic 877 for the text. Screen printing does well on a lot of things, but it does not like tiny type. The tags were hole punched, trimmed to size and edge colored with the signature fluorescent green Degree Six color. The board thickness is great for flashing a glimpse of the accent edge coloring. Can wait to see them in stores soon.



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  • How much would a set of prints like that cost if someone ordered, say 100 of them?

  • Is that VI Papyrus?

  • That is Papyrus indeed.

    We only speak generally about cost on the blog as all our pricing is custom to design specs and quantities. Cost on these would be many hundreds of dollars even for a small qty. We produced a run of 10,000 so the cost was much smaller per unit. All our costs for projects are estimated formally through email. Contact us if you need an estimate on a live project.

  • Beautiful tags. Couldn’t talk them out of Papyrus, though? I have a hard time taking any book, store or sign seriously after seeing that disgustingly overused font.

  • Isn’t fluorescent color toxic ? So long for conscious design…

  • You are incorrect in your generalization about fluorescent color. Our MSDS sheet on our colorant says:

    Composition, Information on Ingredients
    Product has been certified as non-toxic by The Art and Creative
    Materials Institute, Inc. and conforms to ASTM D-4236 Standard Practice for
    Labeling Art Materials for Acute and Chronic Adverse Health Hazards.

  • How does edge colouring work? I am seriously looking into this for a client and have never seen this done where I am from. PLEASE LET ME KNOW DETAILS! Thanks!

  • Edge coloring can be added to projects such as business cards, book edges, invitations or other items that have a thickness to the edge. We generally recommend a stock thickness of at least 130lb cover stock. Any PMS color can be specified from standard colors, day glo, metallic. Please contact us with your project details and we’ll get you an estimate.

  • Can you please give me a rough idea how some business cards in the style featured for D6 Clothing would cost – I have been looking for ages for some stylish business cards and these are perfect.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards.

    Sharon Dickens