None of your business.

Here’s a sweet little run we just finished up for Mauseth Design out of Hoboken, New Jersey. They came up with this set of faux business cards with fake names and numbers for those certain instances where you just- well, where you just could use one of these little guys (e.g. Clubs, Bars, Lounges, Coffee Shops, Class Reunions, Chinese Restaurants and Traffic Stops).


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  • Can you either post a larger detail picture of the middle section on the left and right pages so I can read the copy explaining about the “None of your business” cards? I’d like to read all of it.

  • Out of curiosity, is this a 2-sided piece?

  • this is a great and fun idea. very sneaky. i always like the idea of taking the traditional business card and remixing it (do you like me circle yes or no, you’re cute, or the ever simple “hi”) especially good for single ladies at a bar. unfortunately (?) have no use for such a thing these days, but maybe i should make a few for my ladyfriends in ny.

  • I love when comedy and business mix, have you ever heard of the rejection line? Its a number you can give out in similar instances as these, but its like hello! you’ve been rejected! I can track the # down if anyone is interested..

  • I want to work with you!

  • Those are pretty hilarious…