Round Juggling Business Cards

Fuel is a great creative shop in Iowa that sent us this unique business card design for Whatsup Juggling. It is letterpress printed on thick 220lb Crane Lettra cotton paper. The inks are orange, blue and a custom contaminated opaque white. The card was then die cut into 2.5 inch circles. We then tried to juggle them. Business cards are really hard to juggle.

Some production notes: The original intent was to have the white printing be a blind (inkless) impression. However, where those blind areas of text line up to one another from one side of the card to the other, there is a push back on the impression. When there is no ink to even out the visual appearance, legibility can suffer where the impression overlaps from side one to side two. Putting a white ink down contaminated with a bit of silver ink helps even out the look and gives the general appearance of a blind hit. Check out the pics for comparison. Still subtle, but with a hair more contrast than a true blind impression.



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  • These just make me happy! Love when design can balance sophistication and fun so well. And that one can be a professional juggler is just too cool!

    Love this blog by the way; it is very interesting to learn the processes behind beautiful letterpress!

  • Great tip on mixing the silver with white… it certainly helps bring out that blind impression a bit! I love it! We did a run of cards with a large reverse blind impression for the phone number, and on the reprint we will definitely give this a try:


  • Jessica, I have to agree with you and your comment, I just never knew that business cards could be such works of art, and they are truly just that.

  • are these like 600 gsm? they look really thick. Great look and design.

  • would like to learn more about the round juggling business cards. We are actually going to be using these as gift cards. so, we will be putting bar codes on the back of them, unless you know of another solution to do this. we are planning on ordering 2500. What is the turn around time? What size do these come in? Any information you can provide would be appreciayed. Thank you!