Old Red Hat Letterpress Business Cards

Scott Ray uses his favorite lid as his design monicker. He designed these cards using a colored paper stock and two inks. This card represents a couple really good ways to use ink on colored paper stock. Using a colored paper is a great way to get a solid splash of color in a letterpress project without laying down a bunch of ink. But moving to darker colored papers presents challenges in printing. “Opaque” white ink really isn’t a great option since it really isn’t very opaque. With the exception of metallic inks, letterpress inks are transparent. So we used a metallic silver to print the lighter colored text. The tone-on-tone effect of printing a dark red ink on red stock is another great way to use ink on colored paper. The stock is 100lbC French Poptone which was custom duplexed to a double thick 200lb cover weight for a sturdy “thump factor”. _0000_oldredhat_cards _0001_oldredhat_type_detail

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  • These are great – are they pressed or just made to look that way?

  • Yep, just like all the goodness on this blog, they’re letterpressed.

    Not sure there is another way it could have been done. I hope not.

  • Pressed of course!


  • I’m having a really hard time finding a company that will custom duplex my paper– do you have any leads? this card is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Look for a laminating company in your area. Any metro area with sizable commercial printers will have someone offering this service.

  • thank you thank you!

  • I have seen this card on other posts and really liked it, but it is even more attractive with your explanation of how the business card was designed. Adding color through choice of stock can work but still cannot compete with full color printing. Still, it is a very memorable business card design. Thanks for sharing!

  • Compete with full color printing? My friend, if you think that is what letterpress is about please read our blog a little closer. The work we print is not about producing cards ganged up on an offset sheet for pennies per thousand. The projects we print are custom letterpress work that look and feel different because of this production technique.