Black + Blotter Business Cards – Space150 v23

Space 150 changes their identity every 150 days. And with an identity process and look all their own, today marks the 23rd version of the Space 150 brand. This is a business card project we’ve managed the letterpress print production on for several versions now. Designed by Ned Wright at Space 150, this simple looking card still combines 4 production processes. Can you spot all four? Here they are:

250gsm Black Stonehenge sheet – FOIL STAMPED with gloss black foil.

22 pt White blotter  sheet РLETTERPRESS PRINTED with silver ink.

After printing, these sheets are DUPLEX pasted back to back for zero impression show through.

After trimming the cards to size, they are EDGE COLORED in black for a clean look on the edge.

We print these cards for around 70 people. For a large studio, value comes with quantity. It would be fiscally improbable for an individual to produce a design like this on a small run of cards. (If you have to ask, “How much?”…¬† )


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  • That black foil looks so slick. You guys do such amazing work! I get super excited every time you post something new.

  • I love the idea of changing identity often. What a fun idea! And beautiful work, of course.

  • Well .. How much ? :) Per card and, say, for the run of 250 cards.

  • Alex, depends on your artwork – send us your production specs and a pdf of your design for an estimate.

  • Well, I meant this specific card.

  • You guys feel like sharing how you do your registered duplex glue-ups?

  • You have to make sure and switch your guide/grip corner so when the sheets are placed back to back they have a common corner to register to eachother. It gets pretty close, I’d say we still have up to a 32nd in variation. But depending on the design, that is forgiveable.

  • Sorry, I think I need a bit more basic info, what equipment are you using to do the actual gluing up?

    I get what you are saying about printing so that two sheets placed back to back would register, I’m just not familiar with all the pressroom equipment that exists and wanted to know what machine was doing the gluing.

  • We had some Potdevin pasting equipment for this work, but found the set up and clean up to be to much work for short run projects. Decided it’s better for us to keep focused on putting ink on paper. I got rid of them and now outsource our pasting to another local shop.