Woodgrain & Crest Letterpress Wedding

When we posted the Save The Date card by designer Nick Brue a couple months back, we were super excited to see what he had in mind for the design of the actual wedding invitation. Finally, here is his design that just recently left the pressroom:



This invitation set is housed within a mini custom die cut pocket folder which neatly organizes the various cards. The folder is printed with a tonal custom woodgrain pattern using a clear varnish ink on letterpress with heavy impression. A belly band is fitted to the exterior of the folder with a custom die cut shape. Two slits on the back side of the belly band interlock and buckle things together without glue or a sticker. Everything fits neatly into a standard A7 size envelope. Inside the folder the rsvp and reply envelope sit together and a details card is tucked behind.



The paper combination is beautiful as well. All of the invite cards and the band were letterpress printed together on a press sheet of 110lb cover weight Crane Lettra Pearl White, 100% cotton. (We’ve actually been printing lot more weddings this year with tonal whites rather than bright whites) The envelopes are The Cement Green color from French Paper Construction. The folder paper, also from French is the 100lb C Hot Fudge color from the Poptone line.

Costwise – adding a custom printed folder with a die cut belly band will easily double the cost of an invitation. Pieces like these take much additional production time and each die cut requires an additional press run. So although there is not a lot of color going down on the invitations- printing and cutting multiple elements, hand assembling mini folders, using multiple paper stocks, printing envelopes – production costs add up quickly. But the beauty from those production details add up to the spectacular elegance in this design.

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  • Beautiful. Is the wood grain actually impressed into the pocket folder or just printed in a way to make it look so?

    Also, just a heads up… your tab order on the contact form is slightly off. Let me know if you need me to clarify.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Do you guys make your own cutting dies in house or do you outsource them?

    Always impressed with SOF work.

  • Truly amazing work here! Could you provide the measurements of the belly band?

  • The band size is fit to the outer dimension of the folder which is 5 inches wide. We left about .75 of overlap on the back to buckle the band together. So the total length is about 11.5 inches.

    We send out to another vendor for our steel rule dies. And we think that they are pretty reasonable for the amount of work that goes into them. Dies like the mini folder are about $160. We set up our 13 x 18 Heidelberg Windmill with a cutting jacket for projects like this one.

    The woodgrain is printed letterpress with a polymer plate just like the invitation cards. So yes, the folder does have a nice impression to the woodgrain texture.

  • The wood grain is super cool, it works perfectly with the white seal wrap. I love this

  • This wedding invitation is so elegant. If only I had seen this before I designed my own invites last year. Thanks for the inspiration Studio on Fire!


  • You guys do such amazing work. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

  • All your work is amazing…but the wood grain texture printed on these is particularly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your work!

  • Hi there,

    I am interested in ordering some of your dahlia-nick wedding folders. Do you seel them unasembled just on their own?

    Thank you,



  • Custom printed means they are produced to specification. They are not a product available for sale outside a custom print order.

  • Truly amazing work. I started out working in a print shop and my favorite press was the Heidelberg Windmill. My favorite thing about the letterpress was the impression it left, which I felt gave pieces a more personal feel to them. Love that people still have a desire for the more classic ways of printing.

  • Can these be ordered? I especially love the belly band with the feeling of a cigar band. If these can be ordered/customized I’d love to get a quote… could you please email me? claire_andre2013 at yahoo.

    Thanks for sharing in any event.

  • Stephanie Lazorchak


    How much would the belly band for the Woodgrain & Crest Letterpress Wedding cost? I work for higher education and it’s our 50 Year Anniversary, I want to wrap the graduation folio’s a four-inch belly band. Perhaps the option above would be costly, as it’s a wedding invite, but do you offer any such services or could print the belly bands above, or direct me to the place to go/contact?

    Thank you for you time.

    Stephanie Lazorchak
    Union Institute & University

  • Hi, I emailed you for a quote but would love to talk to you about an idea…how can I reach you?