Sweetheart Seamstress Stationery

Check out a feature from our own product line…

The Studio On Fire Deskline contains uniquely formatted and detailed paper goods. Sweetheart Seamstress stationery elements include stitched journals, letter writing sets, punch-out calling card and tag sets, self mailing notes with pinhole perforated labels and mini folders.

Look for these details: custom scalloped edge envelopes, fill-in-your-name calling cards, mini book marks, perforated label sheets with dry gum backing.

Our vision for a product line was to create finished pieces that captures some of the random qualities that happen in test prints and makeready. We worked with Kelly English and Kindra Murphy on three different product themes. On this theme, Kelly used vintage sewing pattern inspired elements to create layers of texture and pattern. The detail is almost to cute to stand. And of course all of it is letterpress printed. They can be purchased on our website.




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  • I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now and I drool over all of your work – it’s exquisite – but, this one really hits my sweet spot. I’ve been afraid to ask though what your prices are like, can you give me an idea???

  • Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the project overviews. Our specialty is custom letterpress work – so our prices depend entirely on the specifications we are given to estimate. The more production steps there are, the more a project will cost. (many colors, printing on both sides, custom die cut shapes, ultra thick cotton stock, edge coloring all make things more expensive) We often work with clients at their budget. If we know what you hope to spend, we can recommend a paper and modifications to your design that fall within those costs. Don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate and share the details of your next project.

  • amazing!!!! how DO you do it?? phenomenal stuff all the time.

  • very scrapbooky, do you always design and produce the materials? or are there cases when clients come to you with a design in hand that they just want you to print?

  • Of course. We do custom letterpress work for the best design firms and agencies in the country. We also produce stationery and paper goods products for other companies who bring us their designs as well. Send us the details of your project for an estimate.

  • i love those! i’ve always been a fan of your work, but am glad to have discovered the blog.