Now That’s A Thick Business Card

Wedding photographer Craig J.Stodola wanted a card with a memorable thump factor. This one is printed on 60pt blotter. And take a look at the edge coloring. After we printed a Pantone color,  we color matched the edges to the face of the card.

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  • Wow, that’s a phone book!

    What typeface is that (the handwritten one)?

  • Can I ask how you matched the color on the edges? Sadly, my first thought was a marker and a lot of hand-bindery work.

  • Nice work, I love the thick board and coloured edges reminds me of the old photographic studio cards which are always on very thick board and have beautiful gold edges.

  • It is hand bindery work, but we can color stacks at a time. We did a corporate order of 50,000 cards with edge matched color, so it moves quickly once we get set up. We can do metallic edges too, but it is not a foil edge like a bible. Foil blocking is something we are trying to learn. Let me know if you know how, I’d love to talk.

  • I would like to get a quote on a similar stock paper for my card…can some one please get back to me…Thanks
    Denis Leon

  • OH! You guys are so in my blog roll. LOL

    Since I just stumbled upon your blog, I thought I’d drop you line and mention the INCREDIBLE feedback I’ve received on these cards. People can’t put ’em down, and they sit there rubbing the card with their thumb…taking in the wonderful texture.

    @ Adam, the letting was created by the incredibly talented Holly Dickens from Chicago, Illinois. She nailed it on the first try. :)


  • the LETTERING, not letting. sorry. I type with light fingers. :)

  • Thanks so much for the compliments. Craig was a joy to work with.

    If you like the work shown above, and are interested in similar hand-lettering work, you can see the rest of my portfolio at

  • These are incredible cards. I know these posts are quite old but if you are still able to produce similar cards I would like to get a quote on a small number of cards. say 500 – 1000.

    Thanks and again, very nice work!

  • Holy thickness batman!! I’ve seen 32 point business cards, but 60? Talk about making a statement!

  • Christopher Edwards

    Hi Guys,
    The business cards are superb and as a previous entry is there a possibility that these are still being made as I would love to look at the cost to get these cards made
    Hope to speak to you soon

    Chris Edwards