Capsule Letterpress Folder Invite

This lecture invite folder was designed by our friends at Capsule and letterpress printed in our studio. We were especially excited by the topic. The Duet Lecture this year from Capsule and Winthrop & Weinstine is about designing and owning a cohesive sensory experience. They did a great job with the concept by incorporating the visuals (sight) with letterpress (touch) and an air freshener (smell). The uncohesive twist is that banana actually smells like bubble gum. (No, we don’t do air fresheners. They produced and inserted that one.) One of the things letterpress prints extremely well is type. The type intensive design here made for an exquisite overall texture. Utilizing the sensory aspects of design is something we particularly embrace in our own studio. The tactility of letterpress strengthens design in a way that sets it apart from other production methods. The sculptural impression is a signature of the process. Having material awareness and knowledge of production is critical to how we approach projects with our clients.

This project was printed 2/1 pms on a larger 13 x 18 press sheet, (We can print up to an 18 x24 sheet) then die cut and converted. We’d love to make letterpress part of your brand. If you need large format and longer runs of letterpress printing contact us for an estimate.

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  • Hi
    As a traditionnal printer student (but mainly with lithography, on stone), I’m amazed with your process, how you’ve blend traditionnal process and cutting edge technology.
    Traditionnal print still as something to say !

  • Hey, thanks for the blog love! We are extremely happy with your work and we’ve got an amazing response – thank you.

  • This is awesome! I’m just curious about the close up of the dots… It looks like the colored part is raised — is that still letterpress? Is the process required to achieve that look different that letterpressing the color into the paper? The raised color is something a client of mine is requesting — if it’s something you can do, I’d love to get information about rates based on the piece I’m working on. Thanks — great work all around!

  • All of the art is letterpress printed which would be more similar to a deboss, but accomplished with photopolymer plates. (pushed into the sheet, not raised.) Let us know if that works for you – it is a more cost effective production method than the process of printing and creating a 2 part embossing die to do raised dots.