Affordable Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The economy being in the tank doesn’t mean people stop getting married. Letterpress wedding invitation sets can be affordable with a little planning. One of the things that we do to make printing them affordable is run all of the pieces on the same press sheet. Our presses are big enough to run several different cards on the same press sheet, then trim them down to size. This represents a huge cost savings over printing individual cards, setting up the press for each form on each card. Good god – that takes some time! Having a big press has it’s advantages.

We do not have a library of wedding invitations to choose from like many letterpress shops. Our approach to weddings is strictly custom. All the wedding work we print is either supplied by other designers or created in our studio.

Michael Carpenter at Switch Creative created these for his own wedding. We admire the simplicity and the typographic restraint. Three cheers to couples who can design their own invites and live to tell the tale.

You can see how he got all four of these cards printed together by comparing the final cards to the press sheet. The Invite, Reply, Save the Date and Thank You all pressed together makes the cost much more attractive than pricing them all individually. So think about the various pieces you need we’ll get themĀ  together on a sheet for you. It’ll save you money and create marital bliss.

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  • Hi, can you tell me how you got all of them on the same page? I have made my invites and insert cards each as separate files in Illustrator. How can I combine them all into one file? Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks

  • Andrea–
    Open one of the files and then import the others into it so they are all in the same file? I’m not positive. I think it would be easier if you converted them to Photoshop images and imported them all to one document in Photoshop.

  • Hi, Beautiful invitations suite! Could you please tell me how you went about cutting the invitations? Did your press do it for you or did you take them elsewhere?

  • if you an illustrator doc that is the size of your press sheet you can then group each piece together and copy and paste it into the main doc. i would make sure all of your design work is done until you do this b/c it will be harder to make your edits if you are anal like i am. i wouldn’t put the art into photoshop b/c i believe you need to keep the colors on separate layers for letterpress, but i could be wrong about that. you could also create an indesign master file (the size of your press sheet) and then import you illustrator files into there which might be easier b/c indesign was created to be a layout program and illustrator for design.

    hope this helps!

  • Our preference is to set up the press sheets ourselves in order to make sure everything will print well. You just need to send us your design files.

    Look for a post next week where we will supply some press sheet templates to work from.

    We take your designed files and arrange them on a press sheet together. We send you a back an electronic PDF proof for approval. This is something better left to us because after the sheets are printed we need to trim them down in stacks on the paper cutter. We must allow correct spacing in between each piece to get a great final trim.

    What Stacey says about building your files in Illustrator or Indesign and NOT Photoshop is absolutely correct. We love to get files with each color placed on its own layer.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this tip! I didn’think I would be able to afford letterprss invites. But now I will give it some very serious consideration. I will look forward to your next post for your press sheet templates.

  • Hello! By any chance did you post the press sheet templates as mentioned above? I wasn’t able to find them :(

  • I’m seconding Jane’s comment – are you planning on posting the templates?

    Also, what’s the size of the invitation set show? That can’t be on 8.5×11 paper, but it doesn’t look big enough to be 11×17. Please do tell!